BOS Logistics is a multifaceted company which was started in 2001. In 2012, the company incorporated in the State of Maryland. BOS Logistics began as a Conference Planning company for commercial and government customers. BOS Logistics has managed conferences and events in the United States mainland and Hawaii, and internationally including Bali, Indonesia. Since 2012, BOS Logistics has expanded and now provides the following areas of service:

Conferencing and Mobile Application Production
Steam Trap Jackets
Staffing - Admin and Catering

Our customers have included:
Federal Aviation Administration
Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services, National Labor Conference
General Services Administration Main Bldg
Internal Revenue Service’s Main Bldg
Meeting Services Inc
Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC)
Society of Financial Examiners
United States Coast Guard
United States Department of the Navy
University of Maryland Eastern Shore, NOAA sponsored EPP Workshop
Veterans Affairs Office

Conferencing and Mobile Application Production


Conferencing and Mobile Application Production work in tandem with one another. In addition to handling contract negotiations, onsite management, hotel room block management, and venue site selection research, BOS Logistics has developed the capability to create and link a custom mobile application to any conference or event that we are conducting.

Our customers have been overwhelmed with the reduction in conference cost of printing materials and the feedback received from participants acknowledging ease of use, maneuverability, and immediate access to information. With our mobile application, event participants can hold in the palm of their hand the listing of speakers and their biographies break-out times and locations, maps of venue, uploaded photos and the agenda/program with up to the minute changes. Another valued feature is the ability to allow participants to provide input through an electronic survey system, which delivers immediate feedback to the organizers.

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Steam Trap Jackets

steam traps

BOS Logistics has joined forces with Thermaxx Jackets and SSI Services, Inc. BOS Logistics has a track record for identifying the needs of the client, bringing onboard the right manufacturer and installation teams to accomplish the goal. Our business has been successful in focusing on doing a project right the first time. At BOS Logistics, a project is not completed until it meets requirements and satisfies the needs of the client.

Steam traps are vital components of steam systems. A steam trap is a device used to discharge condensate and non-condensable gasses from the steam system. Most steam traps are simple automatic valves that open and close based on condensate levels. When functioning properly, they discharge the undesirables from the steam system without losing any live steam.

Insulating Steam Traps

Steam traps may fail when they leak steam or do not pass enough condensation. Steam traps have a notoriously high rate of failure. For this reason, they must be inspected and maintained regularly. Thus, they cannot be insulated with traditional, stay-in-place insulation. As a result, most steam traps remain uninsulated.

The surfaces of steam traps typically get quite hot and radiate away valuable heat. For example, a small typical 1” un-insulated steam trap station loses more than $200.00 per year in wasted energy. The steam trap portion of this station usually accounts for 40%-50% of the trap station loss. Furthermore, if the steam trap is extremely hot, it may pose a safety hazard if left completely uncovered. While not every type of steam trap can be insulated the same way – or at all – insulation remains a no-brainer for many steam traps. However, more often than not, steam traps that could be insulated simply never are, and needlessly waste energy as a result.

Logistics Services


Since January 2016, BOS Logistics has the logistics regarding setup, dismantling, storage, and shipping for the United States Department of the Navy’s Traveling Exhibit, ”Stewards of the Sea“. This exhibit is displayed at museums and government buildings across the United States. The exhibit has a value of approximately $85,000 and when crated, weighs nearly 1000 pounds. Its display destinations have included;
Wallops Island Visitors Center;
The Pentagon;
Washington Navy Yard Museum;
The USS North Carolina;
The Infinity Science Center in Pearlington Mississippi; and
New Bedford Massachusetts Whaling Museum.
The related services have included, scheduling, setup, dismantling, crating and uncrating, shipping and handling, collecting data from exhibit’s computer, service and maintenance.

In other tasks, BOS Logistics has prepared conference and training materials and arranged for shipping and handling to and from venues.

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Staffing - Admin and Catering


Admin Staffing

BOS Logistics is proud of a successful record in placing well qualified personnel in a diverse range of skillsets. Our staffing capabilities are both short-term and long-term. And, our skillsets include:
Administrative Specialists
Craftsman Trades
Event Planners
Human Resource Professionals
Technical Writers


Catering Management

BOS Logistics has successfully managed and continues to manage a government facility executive dining room with onsite kitchen and professional culinary and wait staff. The dining room provides a semi-private, secure space for agency executives to conduct business meetings and to network with one another and professional colleagues. The dining room provides catering to approved events as requested which may include beverage services, light refreshments, or casual and formal meal services. Providing these services supports the client agency events assisting with achieving their objective by facilitating diplomatic or networking sessions or support maximum participation of participants in an event. The dining room strives to provide exceptional service and quality, seasonal and green spectrum products that promote health, nutrition, and environmental sustainability.

Our Catering team members are available for private hire for personal and cooperate events, large and small.

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