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BOS Logistics is a seasoned conference, trade show organizing company. Since 2001, we have managed conferences events, and trade shows in varying sizes and complexity. Based in Maryland, just outside of Washington DC, we have no geographical boundaries for the services we provide. BOS Logistics has provided pre-conference planning, onsite management, and post conference reporting for events all across America, including Hawaii and internationally in Bali, Indonesia.

BOS Logistics’ commitment to its customers and its successful track record is predicated on: Experience in Event Management; Directly Applicable Past Performance; Depth of Infrastructure and Disciplined Management to Support Multiple Events; and Proven Logistical Conferences Practices.

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  • Experience in event management - BOS Logistics conducts meetings on a global level and has the relationships to provide support through our staff and network of applicable vendors and possesses an understanding of local culture and business processes. This provides our customers with instant access to numerous markets which reduces risk and translates into cost savings.
  • Directly applicable past performance – BOS Logistics has extensive experience supported by vendor relationships relative to all aspects of conference planning services including: hotels for meetings and/or lodging, air travel, ground transportation, shipping, translation, and transcription, videography, audio visual and App Development. Our team has experience working with multiple stakeholders on projects of varying sizes and complexity.
  • Depth of infrastructure and disciplined management to support multiple events – BOS Logistics personnel are supported through proven work flow processes that allow for the establishment of personal relationships and the ability to offer 24-hour service and immediate response to requirements.
  • Proven logistical conference practices – BOS Logistics’ core competency is meeting management. We are broad based in capabilities and can focus our team on the specific requirements. BOS Logistics has a proven track record and processes in effectively managing events as a team.

Our commitment to event excellence and comprehensive understanding of requirements creates a powerful value proposition for our customers.

BOS Logistics brings a depth of experience in the coordination and execution of conferences and trade shows, including conferences with international participation, young people, academia, military families, scientists, and more. With an over one-dozen years proven successful past performance record, Team BOS has direct exposure and knowledge of the conference industry. This depth of knowledge combined with professionalism of our team members, ensures success for our customers.

Our conference customers including Prime Contracts and Sub Contracts have included:

Alfred Street Baptist Church (ASBC)
Charles County Maryland
Department of Commerce / US Geological Survey
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS)
Meeting Services Inc.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Society of Financial Examiners (SOFE)
University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES)
US Air Force Reserve Yellow Ribbon

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App Development

Proposal for App Services

BOS Logistics recently produced the virgin run of an APP for the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services National Labor-Management Conference held in Chicago, August 16-19, 2016. The APP was a success and favorable comments were received.

A Success Story

In 2015 we produced a conference APP for the Society of Financial Examiners (SOFE) for their annual Career Development Seminar. For SOFE, we introduced the APP to the attendees and a printed program was also produced. Amazingly, 70% of the attendees downloaded the APP.

In 2016, we produced the conference APP for SOFE and the association elected not to print a program booklet. Instead, they developed the booklet as usual and posted it in PDF on their website. Registrants could download and print the booklet if they preferred to do so. The concept was a huge success. Of the more than 500 attendees, 89% downloaded the APP. The association decided to opt for increased WiFi coverage for their conference meeting space, and even with this expense they realized significant savings in the thousands of dollars by not incurring the costs of printing (historically the program booklet had been approximately 40 pages in full color). And, as an extra benefit, a few trees were saved in the process.

We are currently contracted for APP Development services for this association with option years to 2021.

SOFE App Screenshots

  • App Screenshot
  • App Screenshot

Why use an APP?

Marketing research in 2015 reported that more than 85% of consumers use a smartphone or mobile device. An APP loaded on a smartphone delivers current information and has the ability to provide updates and announcements to the registrant audience with a few key strokes from the APP Administrator who is onsite or at a remote location.

An APP can serve to compliment and/or replace your printed program materials. Printed materials are submitted for production, at minimum, 7-10 days prior to your conference kick-off. Changes that occur after printing are left to housekeeping announcements or a supplemental printing.

Additionally, an APP can:

  • Enable instant electronic updating of the event program, including timely bulletins and announcements (“push notifications”).
  • Integrate recognition for sponsors in multiple locations.
  • Include access to electronic session rating and conference evaluation.
  • Expand the digital experience of the event, encouraging attendees to rely on the APP for session information and professional networking with others.
  • Provide all event information in a handy, portable, convenient, and easy-to-use format.
  • Enable participants and conference organizers to interact with one another before, during, and after the event.
  • Provide direct access to download abstracts, presentation slides, and supporting materials with print and email capabilities.
  • Reduce cost for printed materials.
  • Produce post-event analytics to gain valuable insight and aid in programming for future events.

APP Core Features -- Event Program

  • Event and session schedules organized by days, with search functionality
  • Event and session details including times, locations, speaker profiles, meals/receptions, downloadable materials, etc.
  • Presentation slides from all sessions available for real time and archival viewing (PDF format) during and after the event
  • Hotel and Conference Center maps and facility floor plans
  • Links to social media (Twitter, Facebook)
  • Links to local attractions, restaurants, ground transportation, etc.

APP Core Features – Attendee Interaction (login may be required)

  • Access attendee and speaker lists, with search functionality
  • Establish contact and network with fellow attendees
  • Chat/instant message with fellow attendees
  • Download documents and presentations
  • View profiles of speakers, LERA staff, exhibitors, and sponsors with contact information and links
  • Provide session, presentation and speaker evaluations (rate the sessions, presentations, and speakers)
  • Post questions to moderators/presenters during sessions
  • Vote via in-session polling
  • Prioritize sessions via “My Schedule” and export to personal calendar on mobile device
  • Add attendees/speakers to “My Favorites” attendee list
  • Identify and create permission-only “groups” of attendees before or during the event, enabling real-time chat interaction within that group of attendees.
  • Create written notes about attendees, speakers, sessions, and presentations, and forward entire note collection to oneself via email
  • Customize profile and business card on mobile device and/or import LinkedIn profile
  • Use embedded QR codes to pull contact information from fellow attendees and exhibitors and make connections
  • Use “Find People Nearby” via device shaking technology

APP Core Features – Organizer Management Features

  • Alerts and push notifications: send announcements to all attendees using the APP (can be published by the organizer on site, or pre-scheduled before the event)
  • Appointments: enable attendees to book meetings with exhibitors/sponsors and have the exhibitors/sponsors confirm the completion of the meeting
  • Link to existing video
  • Special designation on attendee list via badge icons or credentials (PhD, JD, etc.)
  • Attendee and speaker list management via batch upload or manual entry
  • Session management including presenter names, presentations, and session descriptions via batch upload or manual entry
  • Schedule management including tracks, posters, breaks, receptions, and awards ceremonies via batch upload or manual entry

APP Feature Customization

Any additional feature or functionality outside of those set forth can be considered for inclusion.


For information on costing, contact us and we are happy to discuss this with you.